Public speaking

Practice and improve your public speaking skills. We have online competitions as well as in person sections across schools in South Africa. You will be given a number of topics to choose from.

Public speaking prepares you for almost just about every career, as you learn and practice forming and articulating an opinion to a group of people.

This is a chance to speak to other people about the issues that drive the world.

Why participate?

  • Improve your research, speech writing and public speaking skills.
  • Engage with wide-ranging cross-curricular topics.
  • Extracurricular activities are a great addition on your first CVs before you accumulate work experience. They are a great way to distinguish yourself from other candidates.
  • The skills you will gain just by participating will be invaluable when you go to university and when you enter the workforce.
  • It’s great fun and it’s FREE.

Sign up

Our next Model United Nations will be held 14 May 2022. Reserve your seat, use to form below to sign up.

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