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Our Zoom classes put an emphasis on the individual student, ensuring they not only pass but understand what they are learning.


We believe in the transformative power of education. It’s ability to break barriers and uplift individuals and society as a whole.

This is why our online Zoom lessons are priced to be accessible whilst not compromising on quality.

We also  offer numerous free study resources to ensure everyone understands their school work and is equipped to make the world a better place. Go on Register, it’s FREE.


National High School Quiz

Improve your General Knowledge and compete against students in our National High School Quiz. Enter as an individual or as part of a school team. Our competition takes place through online Zoom video sections, in which you will be quizzed on high school curriculum questions, general knowledge, and current affairs.


Model United Nations

Participate in a simulated sitting of the United Nations. Research and debate an issue and have resolutions passed in favour of the country you represent. Our Model United Nations are held on Zoom and follow United Nations debate procedures. This is a fun way to improve your debate skills whilst digging into a global hot issue.


Public Speaking

Practice and improve your public speaking skills. We have online competitions as well as in person sections across schools in South Africa. You will be given a number of topics to choose from. Public speaking prepares you for almost just about every career, as you learn and practice forming and articulating an opinion to a group of people.



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National High School Quiz

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